Industrial Products

United Trading Company distributes a complete range of gear motors, drive systems, Electrical Motors and pumps to satisfy the most demanding needs for industrial processes, automation, mobile and renewable energy applications. We are authorized distributors for Bonfiglioli Riduttori Spa, Bonfiglioli Vectron, Brook Crompton UK, Cemp srl, Desmi Pump UK etc.

The industrial products we deal are:

  • Gear Box for industrial applications
  • Helical gearboxes
  • Bevel helical gearbox
  • Worm wheel right angle gearbox
  • Planetary gearbox for cement
  • Earth moving machinery
  • Electrical motors & explosion proof motor
  • Standard motor range from 0.09kw to 110kw available ready stock
  • Explosion proof motor range from 0.18kw to 15kw
  • Desmi pump, GMP pump, IPP pump
  • Coupling BICO, HRC, MH coupling
  • Coupling BICO, HRC, MH coupling
  • Chain, Sprocket
  • V-Belt pulley A,B,C and Z type